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Introduction: SabR

Hello, Equidae! 

I thought I might get things rolling by introducing my herd.

My name is SabR, and I am 24. I live in Georgia, and have five Arabians, but only one which I claim as my own. Me and my grandmother compete in Endurance, but I’ve also shown in jumping, saddleseat and roadster.

Arabian Sporthorses )
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Introduction: StarStrider

 Hello Equidae! I'm following [personal profile] sabr 's lead with an intro post. =)
([personal profile] sabr or [personal profile] sundog , let me know if I tagged anything wrong!)

I'm a 23-year-old Wisconsinite, and the two-legger counterpart of an 18.1-hand Hanoverian/TB gelding named Itolocus ("Toler"). Toler is 11, and we do mostly dressage these days as well as some jumping. We used to be more into jumping with hopes of doing some mini-events someday, but we had a jumping accident two years ago that has derailed that train of thought. We're making our comeback from that as well as some other injuries, so while we used to be showing at second level and schooling third, we are back schooling first level again. I sometimes think it would be fun to find a giant cart to hook him up to. (I think he'd enjoy combined driving, personally.)  XD  Fun facts: Toler is also a registered Canadian Sporthorse and Canadian Warmblood, as he was bred in Manitoba near Winnipeg.

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The High Cost of Animal Ownership

The New York Times weighs in on the costs of animal ownership. )

How do you feel about this article? Do you think that the figures discussed, particularly for horse ownership, are realistic? Racehorse specific? Who do you think the target audience of this article may be, and what purpose do you feel they were trying to accomplish?