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Hello, Equidae! 

I thought I might get things rolling by introducing my herd.

My name is SabR, and I am 24. I live in Georgia, and have five Arabians, but only one which I claim as my own. Me and my grandmother compete in Endurance, but I’ve also shown in jumping, saddleseat and roadster.


17 y/o Polish Arabian Gelding

Shetan is an odd ball kind of horse. He desperately wants to be part of the herd, but always ends up being a sort of outcast - he’s too affable. He’s never one to pick or push, never pinning his ears or nipping. He’s the kind of animal that is either too smart to give a damn about his troubles, or too stupid to know that he might have any.

His favorite food is anything that comes out of a plastic wrapper. Oatmeal cookies, carrots, marshmallow cookies, nutter butters, Payday candy bars... he can hear the wrappers from a mile away.

EZ Stryder

9 y/o Egyptian Arabian Gelding

We bought Stryder so my grandmother would have a new endurance prospect, since Shetan is getting up in competitive age. What we ended up getting was a thoroughbred marshmallow. He wimps out after less than a dozen miles, and has hardly any get up and go to begin with. We’re hoping a drastic change in feed will help with his energy levels, but so far he’s only succeeded in putting on a gut.

Scarlette Rybbons

28 y/o Egyptian Arabian Mare

Scarlette is the horse that taught me everything that there is to know about anything. At first I thought she taught me everything about horses, which she did, but it’s something so much more than that now. Through the years, she has been there for more in ways tha I can’t even comprehend. I’ve cried into her mane on more times than I can even count, and she just stands patiently waiting for the right time before she leads me to the barn for some grain and a ride.


28 y/o Egyptian Arabian Gelding

Jiddan is our lover-boy. He’s always been a charmer, a pocket pet. During his endurance years, he was like a runaway freight train, taking his races far to fast, but loving every minute. He’s always been a clown and a show off, as well as our barn glutton. He developed Cushing’s several years ago, but his symptoms are, luckily, reserved to excessive drinking and urination, loss of topline and the classic shaggy coat. At his advanced age, our vet believes his health will deteriorate before Cushing’s ever catches hold of him. Regardless, we love him just the same, and he’s always making us laugh.

TC Nighthawk

24 y/o Egyptian Arabian Gelding

TC Nighthawk was like my first bike without training wheels. Scarlette was always safe, because she thought everything out and kept me out of harms way. Hawk was a little more advanced, but still a thinking horse. We are the same age, so I’ve always had a bit of a connection. Hawk’s endurance career was cut short because he has degenerative hocks.

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